Wine Tourism in Italy

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7 Things to do in Sicily
July 7, 2021
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February 19, 2022

Wine Tourism in Italy

Wine Tourism in Italy

Wine tourism in Italy 

Wine Tourism in Italy is constantly growing in the last few years, making this sector one of the Top  activities in Italy. The possibility of being outdoors, visiting wineries and vineyards, tasting local products, meets the preferences not only of Wine Lovers but of any type of traveler.
In this article, we will pay particular attention to a niche sector now in continuous expansion, organic vineyards and wines in Italy and its connections with tourism in the regions of greatest production.


What do you know about organic wine?

A wine is defined as organic when it comes from grapes grown without the use of synthetic chemicals in the vineyards. Furthermore if the grapes grown without the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides, while in the cellar the vinification takes place using only traditional and authorized oenological products and processes.

The attention paid to organic agriculture and organic wine is constantly increasing, a trend that has been consolidated for more than 10 years. However, possible thanks also to the greater sensitivity of consumers towards ecological and genuine products.

Italy is one of the leading nations in Europe and in the world in the organic wine sector, testified by the continuous growth of vineyards cultivated with respect for the environment.


Organic Wine in numbers

The success of the Italian organic wine is further evidenced by the appreciation of consumers and by the numbers, indicating an increase in sales of 72% for red wine and + 151% for organic white wine.t.

Organic wine meets the favor of Italian and foreign consumers. Particularly interesting are the export numbers which already represent 38% of wines exported to Germany, 12% of those in the USA and 10% in Canada and Switzerland.

The success of organic wine is due to the great attention of customers recognizing values and quality, respect for the environment as well as the authenticity of the product.

Wine Tourism in Italy

Wine Tourism in Italy a winning sinergy


Wine Tourism in Tuscany 

Tuscany was perhaps the Italian region forerunner of this type of tourism. Wine Tourism in Tuscany  it is  definitely a winning model that combines the excellence of the territory, respect for the environment and knowledge of local traditions in a touristic products exported to the major Italian regions and around the world.

 Tuscany is one of the leading regions with the largest organic vineyard area. Together with Sicily, Puglia and Veneto, the land occupied by organic vineyards has doubled in the last five years, reaching 12% of the Italian national production.

It is therefore no longer a dream, to realize a food and wine holiday in the Chianti Hills. During your holiday you can  visit organic Chianti Classico vineyards, tastethe wine  here produced accompanied with stays in farms and rural houses in typical Tuscan style.

In conclusion, Wine Tourism in Tuscany is a  way in which to combine the pleasures of wine with its stunning panoramic views and small medieval towns atmosphere.


Picturesque Tuscany – vineywrds and castles. Castello Banfi – Il Borgo. Italy


Wine Tourism in Veneto Region

Valpolicella is a  picturesque hilly region between Lake Garda, the first Veronese and Trentine pre-Alps, is renowned  for the Amarone DOCG here prodiced and other organic red wines. The wine producers of Valpolicella have consistently increased the land cultivated with organic vineyards, consequently increasing the interest of consumers in the wines produced there.  

This regions is widely appreciated by  wine and nature lovers, who want to spend a few days relaxing in the romantic city of Verona and living the worldliness of the Lake and meantime tasting local organic wines  at agricultural farms .

Continuing our journey in search of organic vineyards and tourist opportunities at short distance from Verona and Valpolicella we find the Unesco Prosecco hills. Above all, for all wine lovers a private tour among wineries, taverns and local producers of the famous Italian bubbles is something not to be missed.

The local producers i have considerably increased the surface area of ​​organic vineyard land in recent years. The Prosecco area is made up of rolling hills situated  just over 1 hour from Venice, has been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site for the beauty of the landscape.

  In the Prosecco Hills is produced in good quantities an excellent Prosecco organic DOC appreciated in Italy and abroad.


Organic Vineyards in Valpolicella, Veneto,Italy


Wine Tourism in Apulia 

Moving south, in search of other organic wines and tourist opportunities, we must undoubtedly mention the organic vineyards of the famous Primitivo di Manduria grape.

A set of natural factors favor the growth of the Primitivo  organic Grape, for instance , the constant solar irradiation throughout the year, the ventilation and  most importantly the absence of rains in summer. All these factors combined  they particularly favor organic farming without having to resort to the use of herbicides, pesticides and synthetic products.

The Primitivo wine produced in Salento Region of Apulia  thanks to the withering technique on the vine, has a strong character, with fruity notes without being excessively sweet.

Visits to vineyards and wine tastings enriched by a  culinary experiences in Salento are available in many food and wine tours with stays in typical Salento farms here called Masserie.

Wine Tourism in Italy

Sicilian Vineyards with Etna Volcano at Background

Wine Tourism in Sicily 

Another Italian region in Southern Italy , with extensive cultivation of organic vineyards and with favorable climatic characteristics  is Sicily.

The large Sicilian island is  the land where the first wine in history was found in a Greek artifact and is now a place of production of many wines appreciated by connoisseurs and simple consumers all over the world.

The most important Sicilian organic wines are the Red Nero d ‘Avola,  the wines of Etna and the white liquoros wines such as Marsala.

Almost all tours and tourist packages  include at least one wine tasting in Sicily . The tours are enriched by cellar visit at outstanding locations therefore giving   the opportunity to learn the history and taste of these ancient wines all with a robust and decisive character.



In conclusion, wine tourism in Italy will continue to grow in the coming years, becoming a consolidated tourist trend. Consequently, the offers for food and wine experiences  in Italy  will continue to grow significantly. An increase that will affect every type of tourist, wine lovers and not only.

Consequently, the production and export of Italian wine throughout the world will  increase too, bringing benefits to local producers and overseas consumers. Wine and Tourism is definitely a win-to win sinergy!

Wine Tourism in Italy

Wine Tasting in Chianti Hills Vineyards