Malta is a small country, lieying in the centre of the Mediterrenean sea just 90 km south of Sicily this small island has been a crossroads of different cultures - like Arabs, Normans of Sicily, the Knights of Saint Johns - different religions and traditions through the centuries, enriched by its colonial past as part of the British Empire before achieving the Independence in 1964.

Malta boasts glorious variety into its small archipelago. The Maltese islands nurture grand palaces built by the Knights of St.John; Great fortresses, a medieval walled city, lined with patrician houses, Baroque parish churches; Gozo itself at its widest point, houses many varied attractions, from its ancient Citadel, Stone Age Temples , thrilling scuba diving sites ,to its beaches and unspoiled countryside. definitely a heritage of remarkable intensity.

Day Tour in Malta

Discover Malta on one of our private day tours for a totally personalized and stress-free experience, with the assistance of a local guide and the convenience of a private driver at your disposal.

All our private day tours have been created over the years, to provide a complete experience to the traveler,combining the visit of cultural and religious sites with natural beauties, Archeologycal sites and Masterpieces of Art all enriched by storytelling about Maltese history and lifestyle. Tours can be carried out in English, Spanish, Italian, German or French, the duration varies from 4 to 10 hours, the pick-up and drop off at your hotel or apartment is always included.

Being Malta, an important stop for many cruise ships in the Mediterranean,we are pleased to provide a personalized quotation for agencies and groups of cruise ship passengers for an exciting Shore Excursion in Malta,all our proposals can be fully customized.

Our private day tours in Malta start with a minimum of 1 participating traveler.

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Private Day Tours Malta. Daily guided excursions around the Maltese islands. The assistance of expert local guides, the comfort of a private driver , and many cultural and local experiences.