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Discover the best Italy Tours with Soleto Travel, from Rome the first great metropolis of humanity, to Florence the center of Italian Renaissance of arts...the Tuscany's hills...Venice with its irresistible magical atmosphere, and again the charming Amalfi Coast and Sicily.. By visiting Italy with a multi day tourmeans always a full immersion in art, history and culture, enjoying dramatic views, dining in spectacular places where to experience its unique cuisine and typical dishes appreciate all over in the world.

Discover Italy region with our multiday tours, a bouquet of unforgettable experiences across a land rich in history and architecture,delicious food and dramatic views.

The tours are private or group tours with scheduled departure dates from the main Italian cities!

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Italy Tours and Private Excursions . Multi Day Private and Group Tours in Italy for individuals and small groups, or private day tours around the Bel Paese.